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Why your builder should be CHAS certified

CHAS - Contractors Health and safety Assessment Scheme - is designed to ensure that building contractors maintain high standards of health and safety; providing reassurance and consistency of quality building practice.

By using a CHAS certified contractor you provide yourself with the peace of mind that your home or project is in safe hands. The builders that you have paid for will exercise the highest standard of health and safety, a sure sign that you are dealing with professional tradesmen.

Using companies that aren’t approved by CHAS could lead to poor health and safety measures that may cause your project to fall behind schedule, add cost and potentially leave your home exposed to poor quality labour.  In the worst case you could be left liable for any financial costs due to damage caused.

The CHAS certification eliminates confusion by being the overall representative of all construction health and safety standards.  The standards are achieved through CHAS’s comprehensive assessment scheme. It’s a demanding process; during evaluation four out of five small and medium sized contractors fail their first assessment.

CHAS Accredited Contractor London - Affleck

Affleck Property Services are CHAS approved and provide builders who meet the highest standards of health and safety.  For further information please contact us at 0203 538 7066 or visit our photo gallery of recent construction work.