Why your windows are making you cold and broke

Affleck are extending an outstanding winter warmer windows offer – but why should you upgrade your windows?  The principal benefit is that double or triple glazed windows save you money – as much as £400 a year on your energy bills!  But there are more benefits that greatly improve quality of life as well.

Cost Benefit of Double/Triple Glazing

Poor window energy rating = waste of heat energy = high energy bills

If your windows are old, single glazed or in bad condition it will contribute hundreds to your energy bills through heat loss.  Homeowners continually spend more than they should in attempts to keep their houses heated throughout the winter and autumn months.

It is reported by Energy Double Glazing that highly rated triple glazed windows, can go as far as to save over £400 a year on your annual energy bill,  or according to the British Fenestration Rating Council, the average, semi-detached house can reduce 18% of energy usage by investing in double glazed windows.

But it’s not all about the money.  There are more benefits of double & triple glazing that have a real impact on your quality of life.

Wood Box Sash Triple Glazed Windows London
Wood Box Sash Triple Glazed Windows London

Benefits of Double/Triple Glazing

  • Saving hundreds of pounds on annual energy bills
  • Adding thousands to the value of your property – also making it easier to sell
  • Beautiful makeover – improving the aesthetic of  the inside & outside of your home
  • Elimination of drafts – keeping your home cosy for less
  • Reducing damp – keeping condensation outside the home
  • Sound proofing – reducing noise pollution
  • Improved home security – as well as being very difficult to smash, most double-glazing comes with safe locks which don’t allow windows to be opened fully
  • Environmentally friendly – the reduction in the energy needed to keep your home warm can lower your carbon footprint – 300kgs per year for the average, semi-detached house

With the cold and noise outside, the warmth in, feeling secure we can almost guarantee you’ll sleep better at night with our latest offer.

Winter Warmer Windows Offer

Wood Box Sash Triple Glazed Windows London

This winter Affleck is providing customers with the chance to create elegant energy efficient housing through the installation of hardwood box sash windows.

Professional craftsmen at Affleck have been fully trained to install the superior hardwood timber frame box sash windows. The stylish windows not only provide great insulation and will add a clean finish and modern look to your home.

The offer ends in March 2014 and is available to the first 50 customers only.

Windows are also available individually. For further information please contact us at 0208 971 7000 – quote the ‘Winter Warmer Windows Offer’.


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