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What is PAT testing?

PAT Testing is routine check for electrical appliances.  It is a legal requirement for landlords and places of work to prove that a PAT test has been carried out by an approved electrician.

What is PAT?

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing, although the term PAT is a little misleading as it covers all electrical systems and appliances – not just portable ones - ensuring that they are maintained to prevent danger.

What is PAT? Affleck PAT test certificate SAMPLE

PAT Testing for Landlords

It is a landlord’s legal duty to ensure that all electrical equipment is safe for the tenant at the start of a contract.  Most estate agents require that landlords do a PAT test before letting their property.

A record of the PAT test should be made to show the test has been carried out, who carried out PAT inspection, and when they did it.

How often should a PAT test be carried out?

There are no strict rules or legal requirements about the frequency of PAT tests either in rented accommodation or the workplace. However, it is recommended health and safety best practice to have this work carried out on an annual basis.

What does a PAT test cost?

A typical PAT test for a landlord should cost no more than £100. Affleck are the leading London electricians; we offer a flat rate fee of £80 for PAT testing and a landlord PAT certificate. 

Save Money on your PAT test

The cheapest option for most people will be to ask for an all-inclusive rate, as offered by many reputable electricians.  However if you are able to find a good all-inclusive rate these are some useful suggestions:

  1. Dispose of unused electrical items
  2. Don’t test new items, as they will be insured for at least one year
  3. Check only relevant items that require checking; Class I & Class II electrical items

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