VPhase: 10% off every electricity bill

VPhase Logo - save money on your energy bill get one installed by Affleck's Qualified Electricians

VPhase units optimise the voltage needed for your appliances, saving an average of 10% on an electricity bills and prolonging the life of appliances as well as boosting your green credentials.

With the average energy bill now at almost £1400 per year in the UK and rising, any chance to save electricity is worth investing in.  Affleck are offering a £400+VAT express service, for the box and professional fitting by one of our qualified London electricians – no maintenance thereafter, just steady savings.

VPhase Unit - Save money on your electricity bill get one fitted by our London Electricians

VPhase Marketing Manager Matt Cody explains “Voltage optimisation technology has been saving industry millions each year but this is the first time that it has become available on a domestic scale, making real energy and cash savings possible for households throughout the UK.”  Sounds like good news to us.

How do VPhase units work?

A VPhase unit is a voltage optimisation device designed for use in homes and businesses.  In the UK, voltage levels have historically been higher than in Europe, averaging around 245V compared to 230V.  Most appliances and devices are capable of working as efficiently, if not more efficiently at lower voltages.

The VPhase output in the UK is around 220V; yielding a potential 10% saving in electricity bills for a typical domestic property. For example, appliances such as fridges and freezers can deliver savings of 17%, whilst prolonging their life through reduced voltage and electrical stresses.

There is no maintenance once installed, so you can immediately benefit from the energy and money savings.

How to install a VPhase unit?

A VPhase unit should be fitted directly below the fuse box and operates on both socket outlets and lighting circuits.  The procedure is relatively simple but should only be carried out by a qualified electrician.  Affleck’s London electricians can do the job at a time to suit you for a great all inclusive price of £500+VAT.

VPhase Unit fitting and installation by Affleck's Qualified London Electricians

VPhase Unit benefits

  • Saves money - 10% typical saving off every electricity bill
  • No maintenance – just steady savings
  • Helps the environment – reducing carbon emissions
  • Easily fitted by a qualified London electrician
  • 5 year warranty

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