Save £500 on your Annual Electricity Bill ... in under 10 minutes!

We all want to stop wasting money, but with the minimum of effort.  Here’s our 10 minute guide to saving over £500 on your Annual Energy Bill… and reducing your carbon footprint by over one tonne a year.  What’s not to like.

In February 2013, the energy regulator OFGEM calculates that the average UK household energy bill will be £1,420 a year – and those are set to rise.  According to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau almost half of people in London are worried about the strain of rising fuel bills their finances.  However for most people saving money on your energy bill is quick, simple and in some cases free.

How to save money on my energy bill/electricity bill?

  • Change energy providers – £240 per annum / 17% (average) – 5 mins
  • Install a VPhase unit – £65 / 4.5% (electricity only) - 2 mins
  • Switch to LED lighting – £140 / 12%  - 2 mins
  • Turn the thermostat down 2 degrees £110 / 9% - 2 seconds

Step 1: Find a new energy provider

Save £500 off your energy bill uk

To keep it simple: use uSwitch.  Get your electricity or energy bill and enter your details, it takes just a few minutes.  Average customers save 17% or £230 per year on their bill, 10% save over £310.

You can compare on price, customer service levels and save on gas and electric bill combi tariffs.  Getting both gas and electric from the same supplier, known as Dual Fuel, can also give greater discounts.

Our advice is to switch to a fixed rate tariff to avoid price rises; you may pay more initially but in the long run, it will almost certainly be cheaper. Maximise your savings by opting for monthly direct debit.

  • Time taken: 5 minutes
  • Cost: £0
  • Savings: £200 per year or 17% off your energy bill
  • Carbon Footprint: No carbon saving here; its same amount of energy you’re just paying less

*Cash Saver 1: when filling out the form on uSwitch select 'No' when asked if you would like to see the plans you can switch to today - you'll receive more options which could save you a lot more money

*Cash Saver 2: once you’ve switched check your meter occasionally to ensure your account is not in credit.  As often you will be charged more than you have used.

Step 2: Order a VPhase Unit

Save 10% on electricity - Vphase

VPhase units save money on electricity bills, improve the lifetime of your appliances and are environmentally friendly.  When you get a VPhase unit installed by a qualified electrician it reduces the voltage used by you appliances from the UK average of around 245V to around 220V; yielding a potential 10% saving in electricity bills for a typical home.

Appliances such as fridges and freezers can deliver savings of 17%, whilst prolonging their life through reduced voltage and electrical stresses.

There is no maintenance once installed, so you can immediately benefit from the energy and money savings.  Make a quick call to Affleck now on 0800 316 9595 to arrange getting your VPhase unit installed at a time to suit you.

  • Time taken: 2 minutes (to make the call)
  • Cost: £400 – including installation (recovered in 4 years)
  • Saving: £63 per year or 10% off your energy bill
  • Carbon Footprint: Saving 500kg of CO2 emissions per year

Read more: VPhase: 10% of Every Electricity Bill

Step 3: Switch to LED Lighting

LED lighting - Save £7 per bulb per year

Traditional incandescent light bulbs will be phased out by the end of 2012.  So what does this mean? Candle-light or Energy Saving Bulbs only? No - the next-generation light-bulbs are bright, environmentally friendly, save you money and on top of all that they look cool too – welcome: LED lighting.

LED offer fantastic savings compared with other lighting.  The higher initial cost is greatly outweighed by the long term savings in both cutting energy use and savings on the light bulbs.  New designs mean they can be fitted in existing sockets, so make your next bulbs LED.

LED lights last around 30,000 hours! Typical energy savings of LED lighting are £7 each per bulb (yep that much), probably about £140 per year per household.  You can calculate exactly how much you can save using this LED Energy Saving Calculator.

You can order yours online now at LED Giant – it’s the best site and price we could find.

  • Time taken: 2 minutes
  • Cost: £200 – (recovered in 18 months)
  • Saving: £140 per year or over 12% off your annual energy costs
  • Carbon Footprint: Saving 585kg of CO2 emissions per year

Read more: LED Lighting – Ready to be turned on?

Step 4: Turn thermostat down by 2 degrees

Save energy costs - turn thermostat down 2 degrees - saves £110 a year!

The Energy Saving Trust have calculated that for each degree you turn down your room thermostat you save around £55 and 230kg carbon dioxide a year.

That’s it; just two degrees. If you want to save, wear a cosy jumper; now you may even be able to justify buying that new one.

  • Time taken: 2 seconds
  • Cost: £0
  • Saving: £110 per year or over 9% off your annual energy costs
  • Carbon Footprint: Saving 460kg of CO2 emissions per year

Additional Simple Energy Savings

Some more good advice from the Energy Saving Trust:

  • Install a room thermostat if you didn’t have one before: £70 and 280kg carbon dioxide a year
  • Fit a hot water tank thermostat: £30 and 130kg carbon dioxide a year
  • Fit a hot water tank insulation jacket: £40 and 170kg carbon dioxide a year.
  • For offices and commercial property installing occupancy sensors can create savings of thousands of pounds a year

More Good Advice on Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill

This article was complied with the advice of our expert London electricians, the Energy Saving Trust, OFGEM (the UK energy regulator) and Energy for London:


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