Gutter Clearing – a simple guide to saving time & money

Gutters they seem simple, and they are, but they don't look after themselves. Save yourself serious expense by following our guide to gutter clearing.

Blocked gutters can lead to damp walls, rotten roof supports, & foundation damage. Inspect, clear & clean twice a year

Gutters protect the outer skin of the property as well as the foundations; a faulty gutter left unchecked can cause serious structural damage, so check them regularly.

What are the signs of a blocked or faulty gutter?

Blocked gutters start sagging with weight of leaves, dirt and water, and can appear to be pulling away from the house. After long periods discolouration of external walls, peeling paint or penetrating damp problems will be an expensive sign that you'll wish you'd spotted earlier.

An example of sagging gutters, due to a build up of dirt and debris

Key signs of a blocked or faulty gutter

  • Water overflowing from gutter during rain
  • Warped or sagging gutters
  • Discoloured paint/walls
  • Wet external walls/penetrating damp
  • Damp basement
Gutter clearing prevents blocked gutters can lead to damp walls, rotten roof supports, and foundations damage

What damage can a blocked gutter cause?

In addition to damp walls, overflowing water can lead to rotten wooden beams and roof supports, and a damp basement affecting the foundations – none of which are good for your home or your wallet. In the worst case scenario we've seen, the owner had localised subsidence and the downward movement of the soil was affecting the stability of the house – all from a blocked gutter.

How do I clean a gutter?

When you're up a long ladder; go prepared. The best way clear leaves and moss is with a small dustpan brush and a trowel. The debris is brushed into a manageable lump and a trowel scoops it into a bucket. Be methodical and avoid overstretching.

How often should I clean my gutters?

You should clean your gutters at least twice a year, in late spring and late autumn. For areas near woodlands, gutters should be cleaned more frequently.

Clean your gutters regularly to prevent needless and expensive damage to your home

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

Gutter clearing and cleaning from our experienced roofers costs £95+VAT per hour, which is normally all it takes to do the job - few companies can beat this price.

Water penetration and damp damage can run from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on length of time left unrepaired so we recommend early action. Think ICC at least twice a year: Inspect, Clear, Clean. If you're unable to do it yourself, call us.

Gutter Clearing FAQs

What causes a blocked gutter?

The most common causes of a blocked gutter is through the build-up of leaves, moss, lichen, bird droppings, snow and ice, roof tiles, tennis balls, and other debris washed off a roof. So wherever you live in London, gutters should be checked for the signs of blockage at least every few months.

Why does water drip from my gutter a long time after it rains?

This is often because the seals or joints on the guttering have deteriorated. This problem will usually be made worse by the presence of a blockage in your gutters or down pipe.

Sections of my gutter are not blocked but beginning to sag

This is usually a sign that your gutters have been installed incorrectly, with the gutter brackets placed too far apart. Debris will probably begin to form within the guttering, leading to blockages. If ignored, the guttering will warp out of shape, causing more problems. Therefore, it is easier and cheaper to have the problem resolved as soon as the sagging is noticed.


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