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Kate Murphy, Head of Property Management at Courtenay knows a thing or two about how to look after properties.  After ‘chasing her tail’ with cheap one man vans, she now relies on Affleck to maintain over 200 properties which has made her day easier as she can ‘just pick up the phone once and know that everything will be taken care of’.

Commercial Property Maintenance London - Kate Murphy

One of our biggest commercial clients for maintenance work here at Affleck is estate agency Courtenay – how we’ve worked with for over three years. Affleck are Courtenay’s first choice for maintenance repairs; anything from repairing a leaky roof, broken-down boiler or a faulty light switch.

We caught up with Kate Murphy during a typically busy day at Courtenay’s office in Clapham Junction to ask a few questions about her relationship with Affleck.

On a day-to-day basis, what types of problems do you have to deal with?

It can be anything from a broken boiler, to a washing machine, blocked drains, leaking roofs, and non-flushing toilets; any problems that you could think of and even more that you wouldn’t. I can get up to 60 emails a day if not more.

What made you switch to working with Affleck?

When I first started at Courtenay, we used to use little one man vans and with the amount of work coming through I found that I was always chasing my tail.  They offered cheap prices but in the end the ‘cheap’ became expensive, with the time spent chasing them and getting the right standard of workmanship.

I can honestly say that my call is always Affleck now. For instance on Friday I need a plumber and an electrician at the same property, so I’ve told James (Affleck’s Maintenance Administrator) and they’re both going in on the same day so that saves two phone calls and I know we’ll get a reliable result.

Why do you like working with Affleck?

James’ honesty is absolutely brilliant! If I ring up and say I need something a.s.a.p. normally he’s straight on it and if he can’t do it he tells me so I can get some-one else in. James is absolutely spot on, I can’t fault him.

How has Affleck made your life easier?

"It’s one phone call (for everything)"

It’s one phone call (for everything), whether it’s plumbing or roofing. Wayne (Head of Roofing) is fantastic and Colin (Head of Plumbing) too; everyone is so easy to deal with there. They all make me laugh. 90% of the time I’m speaking to James and we always have a bit of a giggle. It was nice being invited to the Christmas party.

Would you recommend Affleck to other companies?

Yes!  They’re fantastic to work with and when the total costs of work are considered, cheaper than the alternatives.  They have all the right accreditations and expertise which is very reassuring. Working with friendly and reliable people makes my job so much more enjoyable and easier. 

Call Affleck on 0800 316 9595 | 0203 538 7066 to find out how we can help your business.

Courtenay is situated on Lavender Hill. Whether you’re buying, renting, selling or letting in Clapham, Battersea or Wandsworth, let Courtenay assist you in making the right decision.


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