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Boilers: Repair or Replace? Why Change your Boiler if its not broken?

Top Five Reasons you should replace your boiler

  1. According to Which? people in a terrace/semi-detached home could save over £400 a year on energy bills with a new efficient boiler
  2. It if often more cost effective to have a new boiler installed that is under warranty than continuing to pay out for repairs to an old boiler – often the case if the boiler is more than 10 years old
  3. Boilers over 10 years old can be unreliable and may not comply with current regulations
  4. Health and Safety (HSE) regulations changed from the 1st January 2013 stipulating that boiler flues must be accessible, any Gas Safe Engineer that services a boiler with a hidden flue will have to class them as unsafe and they will fail their inspection
  5. Affleck are currently offering a combi boiler swap with a seven year warranty for as little as £1700 + VAT

Tripwire: if you are calling out a Gas Safe Engineer more than once a year for your boiler, it’s time to change

Boilers fix or buy new?

Colin Hunt: London Plumber and Boiler specialist - repair or buy a new boiler

Colin Hunt, Affleck's Head of Plumbing & Heating

"Cost of servicing a boiler for the first years is generally £85+VAT but after the warranty expires the costs often exceed £600 + VAT including parts - plus the discomfort that comes with having no hot water or heating, often at the coldest time of year. Typical parts failure includes pumps, diverter valves and thermostat controls.

There comes a point normally after 10 years where you end up paying so much to repair it, it’s far cheaper to get a new one. Not only will you save on maintenance costs and hassle but also modern boilers tend to be 30% more efficient which will save considerably on your energy bill. Which? calculates that with new condensing boilers – like the ones we’re offering – you could save over £400 a year on your energy bill in a terraced or semi-detached home. The average household saving is £310, which added to servicing costs on old boilers, gives a huge saving.”

Annual fuel costs with different boiler types (source: Sedbuk)
Boiler type Efficiency Flat Terraced Semi-detached Detached
Old gas heavy weight 55% £779 £1062 £1204 £1705
Old gas light weight 65% £659 £898 £1019 £1442
New non-condensing 78% £549 £749 £849 £1202
New condensing 89% £481 £656 £744 £1053

Boiler Change: Case Study

Boiler: Repair or Buy

Converted Victorian Terrace between the commons

Lilly - Affleck’s former Office Manager – has a common story.  When she bought her house she was alerted to the age of the boiler and the fact that the heating system was old and the house was plumbed with micro pipes.  Over the past 3 years she kept putting off buying a new boiler and instead paid for boiler services, replacement parts, new pipes throughout the house and new radiators.  All works were carried out to increase the heat capacity of the property. However the boiler continued to fail and some of the radiators didn’t heating up as well as they could – scarves and hats were all the fashion in the house.

Why Affleck Recommend a New Boiler For This Client

  • Boiler was over 10 years old and prone to problems
  • Lilly had already paid out for repairs and new parts to boiler over the past 3 years and bills were only going to rise
  • There was a persistent dropping of pressure which cannot be traced to an obvious leak
  • A planned loft conversion which would require a more reliable boiler
  • Boiler flue crossed boundary wall and will need to be moved for access to flue

Boiler: Action Advised

Old boiler to be removed, new boiler with 7 year warranty (Vaillant Combi Boiler) installed in new location with easy access to flue.

Replacement Boiler Cost

£2500 + VAT

Client Feedback

Lilly - "Having paid my deposit I had a date with the plumber; the work began two days later. The plumber arrived on time and took charge of my keys and got to work. The works continued into the next day and were finished on time with minimal disruption.

"I hadn’t realised what discomfort we were in until we had the new boiler installed – my home felt cosy again and the hot water was constant, not fluctuating has it had some for some time. My advice is to take Affleck’s advice, if you have more than one service/call out per year on a boiler over 10 years old get your boiler changed ASAP."

Valliant Combi Boiler Offer: Repair or Buy - BUY!
  • Affleck are offering a combi boiler swap with a seven year warranty for as little as £1700 + VAT – saving you hundreds of pounds
  • Affleck are offering 7 Boiler Services for the price of 5 when paid for in advance. (In order to maintain your seven year warranty you will need to keep records of your annual Boiler Service)
  • We are offering a 15% discount on Boiler Services for August
  • Why not book a service now and receive a free estimate for a boiler swap this summer?

Offer open until 30/08/13

Call us now on freephone 0800 316 9595 - to book a service and a free estimate at at time that suits you.